1. Basic Info

Race start: Saturday, 16th April 2022, 6:00 AM (CEST)

Race end: Sunday, 17th April 2022, 6:00 PM (CEST)

Cut-Off: After 16 hours (16th April 10:00 PM) the first loop of 100 kilometers has to be done.

Distance: 200 kilometers, twice the 2. Grüner Ring in Hamburg, Germany

Start / Finish: Fähranleger Teufelsbrück, Hamburg-Nienstedten

Turning point: Fähranleger Rüschpark, Hamburg-Finkenwerder

Aid stations: roughly every 30 kilometers, food and drinks

Registration fee: 90,00 EUR

2. Conditions

  • We don’t take responsibility for anything. Your participation is purely at your own risk. Whoever can’t deal with that shouldn’t register.
  • Navigation is done personally. We will publish the route’s GPX in time for download to every participant’s GPS watch and/or phone.
  • The course is not blocked for us, so the Hamburg Roads Act needs to be respected. We can’t inconvenience any other users of the roads and have to respect the road traffic regulations.
  • Every participant will receive a GPS tracking device, which has to be carried along the whole route. We’re doing this to improve the (mobile) aid station services and maybe to provide a live tracking feature online.
  • For the second lap, starting from the turning point at Fähranleger Rüschpark it’s allowed and recommended to have a personal pacer accompany every participant.

3. Mandatory Gear

  • GPS tracking device (given to you by us)
  • GPX file of the route (given to you by us)
  • Charged smartphone with enough battery power for the whole race (carry a battery pack!) and our contact number saved

4. Recommended Gear

  • Backpack with enough storage for water and food, as aid stations are roughly 30 kilometers apart
  • Head lamp with enough battery power
  • Warm clothes, light rain jacket, thermal blanket, blister pads, …

5. By the Way

  • DUV-Statistik: We would like to submit the run to the DUV-Statistik. The conditions for that to happen are: 1. race length of 45 kilometers or more, 2. publicly announced race, 3. independent time taking (not by the runners themselves), 4. well made result list. For that last point we need a few additional info from you during registration. We hope you understand.
  • If we have at least 10 participants, we’ll do the race. At 30 participants we’re closing the registration.
  • Services: For your registration fee we’ll take care of good food and drinks at the aid stations and will provide everyone with a small participant’s gift regardless of finishing the race. Every bit of the money which is left over in the end will be given to charity.
  • A bag-drop will be possible at turning point Fähranleger-Rüschpark after the first lap. Just bring your bag to the start of the race, we’ll take it there.