Data protection

General Information

This website does not use any visitor tracking, affiliate links, ads, cookies, or similar things. We actually have no idea how many people visit this site.

Therefore, no user data is collected. We do use a hosting service, hetzner Online GmbH, which might for technical reasons log some data I’m not aware of and do not have any control over. From what we understand, the logging that any hosting provider or ISP, hetzner in particular, might do, doesn’t violate any laws, but is rather necessary in order to follow the law. Example: saving IP addresses of visitors for a limited amount of time in case an official court order requires it for any criminal investigations.

If you would like any potentially saved data about you to be deleted from my hosting provider or ISP per the Right to be Forgotten, please contact us and we will try to help you in that regard. But again: The website is programmed by me to NOT save anything about you.

Data Protection Commissioner

Tim Teege, Data Protection Commissioner,